6 Ways to Avoid Lower Back Pain
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6 Ways to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Here are 6 ways to avoid lower back pain.

1. Avoid putting objects in your back pocket while sitting

Having objects like wallets or check books in your back pocket while sitting will cause you to distribute your weight unevenly. One side of the body is carrying the weight that is meant for two sides. This will not only be uncomfortable but may also cause you chronic pain in your lower back if it becomes a habit.

2. Keep working out

Your muscles in the back and some of your abdominal muscles are designed to support your spine, and help in keeping it erect. Making them strong maintains the natural form of your back. There are many callisthenic exercises and weight bearing exercises that can contribute to the strength of these muscles.

3. Maintain flexibility

When the joints in our backs become rigid because of too much pressure and aging, it has higher chances of becoming injured. To avoid this, never forget to stretch before and after workout. Not only does it prepare your muscles for the work out, stretching in itself is a form of exercise that works on the joint to condition them to become flexible and maintain that flexibility. In days that you are not working out, make it a habit to stretch your back when you wake up in the morning.

4. Lift with your legs

You always hear this from gym instructors. They repeat it over and over again because they know how common people make this mistake. We often bend forward when picking up something from the floor. This becomes a habit even in lifting up heavy objects. The problem is that the joints in our backs are not supported by muscles that are designed to do heavy lifting. When picking up objects from the floor especially heavy ones squat, don’t bend. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out or doing chores in the house, make squatting a habit. In lifting heavy objects, follow the technique Olympic weight lifters do in a dead lift. Their back has a slight bend but most of the lifting is done by the muscles in the legs. This way is the safest and the most efficient way to do it.

5. Wear the proper shoes

Your shoes doesn’t only affect your feet, it also affects your knees, ankles and lower back. Some forms of shoes like high heels, does not give the body the proper balance giving too much stress in these regions. Shoes during work outs must also be given proper attention, because in work outs we voluntarily submit our bodies to constant physical stress. Running for example, gives your feet thousands of small shocks that radiate through to your spine. If you are not wearing the proper shoes te imbalance will cause pain in your lower back.

6. Choose to push

If you have an option choose to push objects rather than pull them when doing chores or exercising. You are more likely to be injured of slip discs or muscle pain in the lower back when you are pulling them than when you are pushing.

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Comments (2)

Selection of proper shoes is very important if you want to keep the lower back pain away. I chose the most comfortable shoes rather than buying fashionable and trendy ones because health is first priority for me.

As someone with a bad back, i couldn't agree more, especially the activity. Stay active, keep the weight off and it really does help. Brilliant article, buzzing up :D