Almond Milk for Bones
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Almond Milk for Bones

This short article explains how Almond Milk is good for the development and maintenance of your bones.

Almond Milk has an abundance of Vitamins and minerals which are good for you in many different ways, not only is it low fat content but it is also very low in calories, and it is particularly good for your bones.

Keeping your bones healthy is very important, and will help you in the long term from the ageing effects on your bones such as worn joints, brittleness and osteoporosis.

Almond Milk is a really good source of Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Riboflavin and Magnesium, all of which play an essential part in the development and maintenance of healthy bones. Here are some brief details about each nutrient and it's relationship with the development and maintenance of your bones:


Almond Milk has a high concentrate of Calcium which is an essential part of bone maintenance and growth, one cup of Almond Milk is suggested to be approximately 30% of your daily required intake of calcium

Vitamin E:

In a recent study by The Endocrine Society, found that Vitamin E helps reduce the depreciation of bone matter (bone loss), a condition which has many causes but often by the lack of oestrogen. The study found that over an eight week period, vitamin E reduces natural bone loss significantly compared to traditional medical treatments. 

The study was done with two rats, however plans are being made for a human study in 2011.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D works in conjunction with calcium to enhance healthy growth of bones and teeth, so this is particularly good for infants and the elderly.


Commonly known as Vitamin B2, this is an antioxidant which our body does not produce naturally, so we need to intake this through Vitamin rich foods such as Almond Milk amongst others. Riboflavin works in conjunction with Vitamin E to aid tissue growth and strengthen our bones.


Magnesium helps increase the bone density, and also for the teeth too, making your bones more stronger.


Manganese helps with the growth of bones, by providing us with healthy growth of connective tissue, and is particularly good for children, young athletes and aids the healing of bone fractures and trauma. There is approximately 6% of manganese in one cup of Almond Milk.

A healthy alternative to Cow's Milk:

Many people drink Almond Milk as an alternative to normal Cow's Milk, as it is not only low in both calories and fat, but tastes better too. Most supermarkets today do stock Almond Milk as it popularity is increasing, as more and more people are looking for healthier alternative foods to improve their health and lifestyles.

Photograph above from Wikipedia by Tiffany Washko.

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Comments (12)

Great work Christopher, thank you.

I've heard of almond milk before, but I haven't seen it in the supermarket. It sounds good.

that guy

most of your suppositions are taken out of context and a few of your facts,(It tastes better?) are simply opinions. while almond milk is a nice thing in of itself, how about next time comparing other foods that are good for bones at the same time? like cow's milk?

Very well written article are right, I use almond milk alternately with coconut milk with coffee and instead of cow's milk...It is also a good substitute for cow's milk should any radiation get on the grass-fed bovine industry...but i don't know if almond production would also be affected...perhaps coconut would be a better alternative. Great article and well thought out.

Great article, i had no idea almond milk was so good for you! Buzzing this up :D

I love almond milk, and it's good to know that it's helping my bones. Thanks for the info!

Can you recommend the best kinds of brands?

Haven't tried this milk but will look for it. Informative article.


I..... forgot the sources of magnesium. Anyone could tell me?

Almond milk is delicious. The plain variety is good with cereal; the vanilla and chocolate flavors are a treat to drink. Voted.

I bought some once thinking I would like it but it was pretty terrible. I would like to find a brand that is good. The chocolate type sounds yummy. Good article. Thanks for the nutrient info.

The chocolate one is quite nice, but it is still an aquired taste... thanks for your comment