Calcium Requirements for a Healthy Body: An Urgent Need of the Day
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Calcium Requirements for a Healthy Body: An Urgent Need of the Day

There is an urgent need of natural calcium supplements to be given to all the children, adolescents, women and the elderly, as the trends from studies indicate severe calcium deficiency from all parts of the world.

For our future generations to be healthy and strong there is an urgent need for adding natural supplements to compensate the calcium deficiency found in all parts of the world, including the advanced countries like the USA and UK. Reports filed by nutrition experts all over the world indicate an alarming situation, particularly in women and adolescents. A study shows that the present day teenagers and children are consuming less than half the required amounts of daily calcium.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the body. It is the structural component of the bones, of the teeth and soft tissue that surrounds the body. Calcium is very essential to the body, not just for the bones and teeth called the musculo-skeletal system, but for the nervous system and many other metabolic processes of the body functioning. Blood will clot in the normal course, only if the body is properly nourished with calcium mineral.

The danger associated with calcium deficiency is that no obvious symptoms appear in the short term, if there is inadequate intake of dietary calcium. The body compensates the demand of calcium using stores from the bones. This process gradually depletes the bones, rendering them weak and prone to breaks and fractures. Calcium deficient people look pale and sickly. They tend to get tired very easily and become lazy. In children, calcium deficit leads to a disease of the bones and teeth, called Rickets. Prolonged deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, a weakness of the bones, pre menstrual cramps, hypertension, sleeplessness and other sick conditions.

Dietary calcium requirements often vary from person to person, and situation to situation. It is because, the body requirements of calcium vary, depending on the growth, making of new bones, etc. Calcium is therefore in great demand in childhood, teenage, during pregnancy and nursing mothers, post menopausal women and the elderly. Natural dietary sources of calcium include milk, cheese and yoghurt. Calcium is also abundant in soybeans, green leafy vegetables, and broccoli and also in sea-shells.

The medical fraternity never agrees with the olden day practices, which are prevalent even to this day, in rural parts of the world. However, it is very surprising to observe that ancient rituals and customs followed in feeding the pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and girls through specific food products, often result in a healthy calcium intake of the body. Whatever be the practice of medicine, taking supplements of calcium is strongly recommended throughout the ages of men and women alike. Conventional system of medical practice uses calcium supplements loaded with Vitamin D, through medicated calcium tablets. These tablets are available in any medical store, mostly as an over the counter medicine, (OTC), not requiring any doctor’s prescription.

Over dosage of medicated calcium often leads to complications like constipation, and increased chances of developing kidney and urinary bladder stones. The excess calcium in the body also leads to inhibition of iron and zinc absorption from food, causing other anemic conditions. Proper diet with added milk based products in the daily intake helps avoid the necessity of oral calcium tablets, in future. Healthy food habits, Proper exercise regimen and a Happy Mind contribute to the good health and well being of the humans in general, and society at large.

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Comments (5)

An exhaustive article on the use and significance of calcium.Thanks for sharing.

oftentimes, the importance of calcium in our body is neglected

Very informative and interesting. Write more !

Interesting and a great eye opener owing to our fast changing times and social trends embracing the "instant" approach to our life's needs.

Ranked #3 in Bone Health

thanks to all, for the inspiring comments.