Common Bone Injuries and First Aid Treatment
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Common Bone Injuries and First Aid Treatment

Injuries of bones need careful handling. Before medical help arrives, it is important to know the first aid treatment to help the injured person cope with the pain..

Bones are prone to injuries especially if you are not careful. It is not only in accidents that our bones could be injured but also with the stressful work that we do every day. This is why you must be very careful with whatever you do in order to avoid being injured.  Our skeletal system is very important so we need to take care of it.

Here are some common injuries of bones and the first aid treatment that you can apply.


When joints are stretched too much, the ligaments that join the bones will be torn that results to sprain. Sprain may occur as a result of falling, sliding or carrying a heavy load that your muscles cannot endure. You may notice swelling or discoloration on the skin and pain could be felt.

The first aid for sprain if it is only mild could be ice pack applied on the affected area to lessen swelling and discoloration. Be very careful when helping the injured. You may help the injured person to sit down or lie down but be sure not to move the injured part of the body. A bandage wrap could also be applied on the injured part.


This injury occurs when the bones are displaced. This is worse than sprain so careful handling of the injured person is needed. In severe cases, medical help should be called immediately. . Remember that it is not advisable to move the injured person in severe cases as it will make the injury worse.

Severe pain could be felt, rapid swelling and discoloration of the skin. You can apply ice pack while waiting for medical help.


Fracture is a break in the bones. This is a serious case so make sure you know how to handle the injured person. Fracture can be simple or compound. It is simple if the skin around the broken bone is not torn or damaged and it is compound if the tissues around the broken bone are damaged. In compound fracture, the broken bone may protrude through the skin.

You need medical help immediately in this case.

You can apply a disinfectant to the wound and use a splint to support the broken bone while waiting for medical help. It is very important not to move the injured part of the body because moving it will move the broken bone that makes the injury worse.

Injuries could sometimes lessen a person’s self-esteem and confidence so it is important to keep assuring the injured person that everything will be all right. Talking will help ease the pain and will keep the injured person hopeful until medical help arrives. 


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Thanks, Pinkay, great info, voted & tweeted! After I broke my fifth metatarsal, it required a bone graft and almost a year of walking with crutches. Yeech!!