How Do We Benefit from Good Posture?
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How Do We Benefit from Good Posture?

Good posture is not only for the military. Here are some of the benefits of good posture.

Posture is a part of fitness that is often taken for granted because the effects of bad posture are chronic and most people learn to live with them over time. Bad posture is a habit, but so is good posture. It can be learned and it can be unlearned. We can unlearn bad posture simply by learning good posture. Why bother? Well here are four great reasons to learn good posture.

First, a person with good posture has an aura of leadership and looks like he or she has complete control over his or her body. Like a military man, a person with good posture looks like he or she is ready to follow or lead if the situation calls for it. The sight alone of a person with good posture can inspire others to be in more control of their own body. It represents confidence towards one’s body and one’s abilities. We can thank the military for this kind of conditioning towards good posture. As in the military, to achieve good posture, a civilian must practice it every day and be aware of one’s posture at all times.

A second benefit of good posture is it improves our appearance. A military cadet is taught to take pride in his appearance because he represents the best men and women of his or her country. It may seem vain but most of us civilians also want to look better. We also want to look as strong and stable as a military man. So if you are working out to tone your muscle, the more you must value good posture because it is an easy way to instantly improve your looks. Practicing good posture might be difficult at first but when it becomes a habit, it will come naturally without thinking about it.

Good posture also helps in maintaining good health and overall fitness. The body is supposed to be balanced in posture. This can be seen in the military attention stance. Don’t be confused by how Hollywood portrays it. They are exaggerating the stance that if you follow it, there will be too much stress in multiple muscles and joints and may lead to poor circulation and induce shallower breathing. These two are typical health consequences that come with bad posture together with back aches and foot pain. People with poor posture are also prone to fatigue because their body position is not in its most efficient. With good posture, circulation and breathing works better, back and foot pains can be avoided, and the body is in its most efficient position.

The last benefit of good posture is it slows down bone and muscle deterioration brought about by aging. Every day, our body is struggling to remain upright against the force of gravity. With youth, our body wins the daily struggle easily, but as we age, poor posture like slouching can hasten the bone and muscle deterioration because our antigravity muscle groups are weak. Their weakness is because they are not conditioned for habitual good upright posture. Good posture exercises these antigravity muscles and conditions them to keep the body erect even in the later part of our lives.

Good posture might sound intimidating at first but it can be easily applied if we gradually practice it in our daily activities. Start by practicing good posture only when you are standing stationary and sitting. Relax your guard when talking to another person and walking. Even when you let your guard down, you should always be aware of your posture and find bad habits like leaning your weight on one leg. Over time the habit of good posture will be carried over to your walking and when standing during conversations.

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Comments (4)

Interesting read. Another thing I learned early on about good posture is that standing (or sitting up) straight makes you look 5 pounds lighter compared to a slouching stance :)


Excellent point, well articulated. Buzzing this up :D

My elder brother often pointed out my bad posture when we were kids.He even teased that he will put a good hard plywood on my back to keep it straight! : )