How to Increase Your Height Naturally: Facts That Works
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How to Increase Your Height Naturally: Facts That Works

Increasing one's height is something that we all dream about if we are lacking in that regard. Do you know that its naturally possible for you to increase your height without spending a dime.

Many people would want to increase their height if they could. Is it possible? I mean can one really increase in height after puberty? The answer is a yes. It has been medically proven that it is possible.

studies in the medical sciences and sports world prove beyond reasonable doubt that it's possible to continue growing after reaching adulthood. Take for instance - a baseball pitcher's right arm is two to three inches longer than his left. Why? Because his right arm is exercised more than his left. It's the same with football quarterbacks - their throwing arm is longer than their other arm.

Your growth could continue well into your 50's if you take proper care and get the right nutrition, diet and exercise. Of course, it depends on factors such as physical condition, posture, environment, and bone structure to determine how much taller you can get.

Investigations by the British Medical Journal discovered that growth may be prematurely stopped if excessive pressure is put on the epiphyseal centers (discs in your spine). Removing this pressure will resume your naturally height growth and you can continue growing well into your 50's or 60's.


How to get taller naturally

• Doing stretching exercises

Being influenced by celebrities, a lot of people want to grow taller; even if it means going through the painful process of a surgery. Well, good news. You can make yourself taller than you are right now! How? Just by doing stretching exercises. This exercise can make you grow taller by three inches AND it's permanent! The stretching exercises target the spine but the most effective is yoga-like exercises. These exercises strengthen, develop and tone the muscles that support the back and that leads to taller growth.

With muscle development, the back (spine) starts to straighten and lengthens your height by several inches. Regular exercising will keep your back strong and that leads to strong legs and arms to bring the body into total balance.

• Combining exercise with diet

This is perhaps the most important factor in getting taller. Eating junk food does deprive your body of the much-needed calcium, protein, calories, and amino acids and can actually stunt your growth! It will also weaken your bones and even shrinks your height when you're older. By eating healthy food, you can keep your body strong and active well into your later years.

Exercises; whether anaerobic, aerobic or stretches release height growth hormones, which speeds up and increase growth spurts. Exercise, when combined with good diet and proper posture, could be beneficial to your body in a variety of different ways. Anaerobic is particular effective for height growth.

Anaerobic means "without air". Anaerobic exercise use muscles at high intensity and a high rate of work for a short period of time, such as heavy weight lifting or sprinting. This has the potential of releasing height growth hormones into the body. Anaerobic exercises help in increasing the much needed muscle strength and keeps the body fit.

Aerobic exercise includes lower intensity activities performed for longer periods of time. Activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling requires a great deal of oxygen to make the energy needed for prolonged exercise. This also produces the height growth hormones but at a slower rate. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises are needed for the development of the spine and will help you grow taller and keep you fit well into middle age.


These height growth hormones enable your body to grow taller EVEN after you've gotten to your full height!

• Taking the right supplement

Taking supplements is just as essential as doing regular exercises. The proper intake of amino acids, multivitamins and glucosamine will help your body support the muscle growth needed to grow taller.

There are lots and lots of supplements and they can be found in health food stores. However, be careful of the low priced ones. They don't contain the ingredients needed for natural growth. Choose a good supplement with a proven track record. It will cost a little more but the eventual results will be well worth the cost.

The Issue of Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

The pituitary gland in your body produces the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) naturally. During childhood it supports the growth of our bodies and after adulthood it keeps our metabolism efficient. It helps our bodies starve off fat in later years. As we grow older the production of HGH drops because we are no longer as active as we used to be during our youthful days.

Taking HGH injections at the cost of $1000 to $1500 per daily injection puts it well outside the pocketbook of most people. But why would you want to take HGH injections?

Synthetic Human Growth Hormone is taken from cadavers. Yes, I mean from dead people and made into a solution for injections. Studies have shown taking HGH injections can increase bone density, increase muscle mass, a disappearance of wrinkles and weight loss.

But what they don't tell you is that each study also has routine exercises each test subject has to do while in the study! Now, ask yourself; is it the injections that are causing the increase in muscle mass or our own bodies producing HGH which can lead to getting taller? High anaerobic exercise is the main effort of producing HGH and our bodies do it naturally.

So, why pay $1000 or more for an injection when your body can produce it naturally?

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