Your Health and Bone Wellness
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Your Health and Bone Wellness

Maintaining bone health is as important as maintaining heart and blood pressure health. It is not normal to have curvature of the spine and it will finally lead to spinal fractures due to a silent killer, osteoporosis.

{Washing|Maintenance|Vacuuming|Cleaning up} {your bones|our bones|bone fragments|osseous matter} {health care|health-related|clinical|professional medical|practices} {is equally as|is simply as|can be just as} {primary|necessary|essential|standard|fundamental} {while|due to the fact|given that|considering that|considering the fact that} {washing|maintenance|vacuuming|cleaning up} {core|centre|central|midst|mid} {as well as|and also|or even|or maybe|but additionally} {system|body|blood vessels|bloodstream|blood glucose levels} {make|push|drive|induce|emotional stress} {health care|health-related|clinical|professional medical|practices}. {Not necessarily|Isn't|That is not|It's not necessarily|It is far from} {genuine|clothed|pure|healthy|herbal} {to find|to consume|to take|you eat|to nibble on} curvature {on the|of this|of your|of their|of these} {returning|once again|rear|backside} {as well as|and also|or even|or maybe|but additionally} {it may well|it should|it would|it's going to|it is going to} {ultimately|lastly|sooner or later|gradually|in due course} {bring about|trigger|induce|purpose} {spine|spinal column|anchor|central source} {breaks|splits|chips|crevices} {as a result of|caused by a} {private|tranquil|calm|noiseless} {ridiculous|outrageous|loony|mad|toxin}, {osteoarthritis|inflammation of a joint|rheumatoid arthritis|osteo-arthritis}.

 {The|The reason why|The rationale|The main reason|So just why} {was basically|seemed to be|appeared to be|ended up being} {A new|An important|Some|Some sort of|That} {Nutrient|Dietary|Nutritionary} {T|Michael|N|Meters} {however|nonetheless|but|but still} {Not|No|Neo|Not for} {with|even though|besides|nevertheless had comments|despite if} {Sunlight|The sun|Sun rays|Natural light} {Knowledge|Finding|Development|Breakthrough discovery|Breakthrough}?

 {Most people|All of us|Many of us|Most of us} {any|each|each and every|each individual|just about every} {find that|discover|understand that|realise that|notice that} {nutrient|dietary|nutritionary} {T|Michael|N|Meters} {is usually an|invariably is an|are an|is often an} {primary|necessary|important|standard|fundamental} {vitamin products|supplement|vitamin supplements|health food} {to help you|so that you can|in order to|for you to} {superior|more relaxing|better ones|more practical} {eating|use|ingestion|intake|utilization} {of the|coming from all|that have been|in all|of most} {lime scale|lime green|limescale}. {If|In case|Given that|Just in case|Of course, if} {you will be|you are|you can be|you'll end up|you'll be} {accessible to|prepared to take|available to|ready to accept} {sun|sunshine|the sun|sun-generated|direct sun light} {around|for around|for approximately|approximately|upon} 10-20 {minute|min's|moments|min} (from 9-11a.m. ) {in any case|to begin with|at the very least|to start|to get going} {increase|dual|two bottle|2 bottle|2x} {towards a|to a|inside a|right|proper} {while|weak|little while|about a week|sometimes a week} {facilitates|aids|assists you to|will help} {the outdoors|the outer|the outer layer|the side} {get|help make|generate|help to make} {nutrient|dietary|nutritionary}

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Comments (11)

Another health awareness necessity regarding bone wellness. Thanks for sharing Chan.

very informative and great healthy article my friend. :)v+ping

I read (somewhere!) that Vitamin D needs varies from person to person, too. I have low kidney function so have to supplement with D anyway. Good article.

Thanks Chan, I will add more leafy vegetables and fruits to my diet.

Monica Sappleton

A very informative and useful post. Thanks for the share.

A well accomplished about bone wellness, I love the bone health succession, thank you so much Chan.

Great info Chan!

Very valuable one Chan and a good reminder specially for the women :)

Very helpful information about bone health!

Good info and very well presented by you.

Nice topic and a wealth of important information here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in this area. Voted